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We can start here naming all the successful products we developed over 20 years of experience and tell you how great we have been in the past doing them, but we think you are not as interested in our past as in how we can make your idea into a great product. 

Let us explain a bit why we are different and why we will not bother you with a list of case studies here (although we can do that too and if you are interested please reach out and we will spend days talking about them 😂).

We are interested in our clients’ projects and we take them very personally. We will give our full support for every single possible aspect even the ones that we are not "contractually" required to.

Of course, it will always be our clients to make a final decision on the direction and progress but we will be there to give them all the possible options available so that they can take it fully informed. We will not just talk about solutions, we will present you research results and documentation to prove that what we are suggesting is the best option.

We truly are experts

We will never tell you "this is the best solution because we know it".  You will always have a technical explanation. We also know that we "do not know (everything)" and in that case we will roll up our sleeves and run a deep research on the problem and when required create a demo prototype in order to verify that we can do what we are going to promise you we will. We often do this as the first step to show our clients that we know what we are doing and what we talk about.

We think saying to you "we are great because we have been great for the past clients" is not really what you want to hear.  We want to tell you that we are great for YOU right now and right for your project and we will show it to you upfront.
This is exactly how we have been chosen to work with clients like Disney or Masstech/Telestream.

After this we will work together on the realization of your idea, including you in every step of the development. Our developers and engineers are extremely easy going and friendly. We are proud of them and we love the fact that our clients know every one of them and talk to them regularly.

We build a relationship with our clients that is not only professional, it is friendship and understanding of each other's goals and needs.

Thank you!

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