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Specialized in AWS

Through many years of the UK market experience we developed a high understanding of Cloud computing using AWS services. Our team is experienced in AWS and serverless technologies and developed numerous high-profile projects for EU and UK customers during the last 10years.

The core engineers of our Team have adopted AWS as cloud of choice since early stages in 2014 designing, implementing and deploying the solutions on AWs for brands such as Technicolor.

From that time, AWS kept growing and becoming the leader in Could service and our team with them.

We keep constantly up to date on the last technologies and services available, following courses and studying daily the newest and most sophisticated techniques available,

Our work is Technical and Technology at its best is our bread!

Serverless Architecture and Media Content

Since early 2015 with the development of NEAR live platform for UEFA our core team started adapt full serverless solutions based on the very new Serverless Framework.

It was really early stage, and now Serverless Framework is one of the most adopted framework & AWS is the lead on Cloud Services that we all know today.

Thanks to this, our clients have enjoyed state of the art architectural solutions with a massive saving in costs of maintaining the infrastructure.

Some of the services where our Engineers are the best you can find (no modesty there):

Serverless Architectures
Dynamo DB
Elastic Search
Amazon Rekognition
Alexa Skills

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